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The American Society for Continuing Education (ASCE) is one of the country's leading providers of cost-effective, quality CPE for accounting and tax professionals. Our CPE materials are used by thousands of accounting firms, individuals, corporations, universities, and government agencies to meet their mandatory reporting requirements. ASCE is unique because we provide professionals with a complete book containing actual CPE quizzes for reference texts and publications they ALREADY HAVE in their office or HAVE ACCESS to online. We make our CPE quiz selection based on the most popular accounting and tax references...standard materials that professionals like yourself refer to again and again for practical guidance.

We invite your comments about other references for which you would like us to develop CPE 800-231-1860.

We've made ASCE even faster and simpler!

Download our complete book of CPE quizzes and answer sheets here or go to the Catalog tab and complete them online!

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