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Earn CPE credit, guaranteed or your money back!

Welcome to ASCE's new concept in Continuing Professional Education.

Get them here and now!

Our quizzers are based on popular books and publications most commonly used by accounting professionals – materials that you already own or have access to. Everything you need to know is in the books or publications. Choose from up to 70 quizzers and earn up to 1,200 credit hours! Earning CPE credit with ASCE is:

  • FAST
  • EASY

As low as $6.22 per credit hour, the lowest price anywhere!

You and your firm or company can save even more money with ASCE's "V.I.P. CPE Block Discount Plan" outlined below:

Credit Hours List Price Per Credit Cost
40 $270 $6.75
80 $532 $6.65
120 $772 $6.43
160 $1,012 $6.33
200 $1,244 $6.22

All ASCE Quizzers are approved for CPE credit and written in accordance with various State Boards of Accountancy Standards on Formal Self-Study Continuing Professional Education. Pre-paid credits are valid for one year from date of purchase. ASCE makes getting CPE credit fast, easy and affordable, simply:

  • Read and review the appropriate reference book or software program thoroughly. All questions are referenced to the appropriate coverage in your book or software help screens.
  • Complete the true-false CPE registration/answer form online.
  • Submit your registration/answer form, along with your credit card information. To ensure proper credit, please read the instructions included with the forms carefully.

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